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Mony Ibrahim's talent surely enhance every woman’s self-confidence! Simple with a classical touch, Mony Ibrahim’s creations have survived the test of time.
His secret? Staying away from uncomfortable dresses and all that transforms a woman into a Fashion Victim. Thus, rich fabrics, skillfully cut, cover the curves in the most beautiful way, embroideries, and sequins find their place, effortlessly and not excessively. In order to show each woman at her very best, Mony Ibrahim varies the cuts, the designs, and the colors. With exceptional skill, he hides imperfections and highlights assets … Sublime dresses result, each one telling a story, reflecting a personality and a style… Through his dresses that are simple or refined, glamorous or merely chic, Mony Ibrahim succeeded in just a few years to impose his touch and his unique vision on the world of Haute Couture… fortunately for all the women who like dressing up, and who recognize the quality of real talent!